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Friday, November 30, 2012

Wrap-up and Begninnings

November has felt like a busy month! Lots going on and a desire to take time off.

Quick run down of the month, no particular order:
  • redo of boys bathroom (Ugh to the shower install popping off the wall and not wanting to be put back)
  • Thanksgiving, at home, just the four of us
  • team party for Thing Two's Fall Ball
  • An Emmes Event at "The Museum of American History"
  • camping for Thing One
  • birthday party to go to for Thing two
  • 17 school days
  • 3 co-ops
  • lots of therapy
  • lots of church events (church, Sunday School, bible study, Wednesday Night Services)
  • TKD for the boys
  • Scouts for Thing One

Yes, a short version of life this time!  Wanted to loosely honor my monthly wrap-ups and move onto other things.   That brings me to this,  although I just mentioned I don't do "link-ups" in my last post, I had some new thoughts on one.

Here is what I am thinking ~ each day, toward the end, I will try to write a blog post about some sort of Christmas Activity that my family has done.  I have no formal layout or plan for activities, but will choose activities from my previous blog post about things to do (see here) plus a few other things that Kevin and I have come up with since the post.  We might see about doing some sort of service project and bless our neighbors with a treat.  Though my neighbors may not be my best friends in the world, having and keeping wonderful neighbors is truly a blessing.  What better time to express appreciation than during the holidays.

Since Black Friday, we have already viewed:  How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Nativity Story, Charlie Brown Christmas, and The Nutcracker.  Also I've watched White Christmas.

What do think?  Do you want to join in?  Would love to see what you do to celebrate Christmas!!
Here is to 31 unique activities with my family.

P.S. Will use the tag "December 2012 link-up if you want to look for posts.

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