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Monday, July 9, 2012


Didn't blog yesterday, although I had a great topic - lack of electronics.  Our power has been restored from the storm that blew through on June 30th.  All of us seemed to be glued to electronics and not actually interacting with each other as much as we should.  Kevin knows this is a huge source of frustration to me, that we do our individual things, for way to long in a day, in front of a screen (as a side note, his work doesn't count toward that ~ he HAS to use a computer to earn his paycheck).  We get hung up checking up on everyone under the sun from facebook friends, to random bloggers who we don't know and may not need their input on whatever, to reading book reviews of books we'd never read, to reading several news websites that are basically saying the same thing.

So yesterday after a huge lunch, and a little screen time, there was no screen allowed.  Reading an actual book made of paper and cover, coloring, Legos, napping, biking, arts & crafts were allowed.  I curled up and read for awhile in bed, in case I fell asleep.  Thing Two fell asleep playing Legos, Kevin dosed while reading, and Thing One goofed off quietly.  When I came back down, Kevin went up to sleep and Thing One fell asleep on the couch. 

It was really enjoyable having a different kind of quiet house yesterday afternoon.  Will definitely have to repeat in the near future.

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