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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our crazy pets!

I am often baffled by our pets. Any one of them have done things that just amazes me at times! Not including aquatic pets (you know the ones that need to live in water, that some parents don't have a knack for keeping alive!), we have had 2 cats and 2 dogs.

K.C. was my first cat.  While I lived in an apartment, before Kevin and I were married, she would jump 4 or 5 feet off the ground to "attack" moths outside the sliding door.  It always surprised me how high she could jump.  She was the one, also, that would come running, about 2 seconds after starting to open up a can of tuna fish.

Gremlin came along to keep K.C. company.  She is a Himalayan cat; basically, think of a Siamese cat with long hair.  She weighs about 5.5 pounds and is now "top animal" at the Brock household.  In her youth, she'd come running for tuna; not so much anymore.  She'd love to play with crushed up receipts and would bat them all over the house.

Maggie was our first dog.  A mutt of three small breeds.  Not a whole lot I remember about her, as she's been gone almost 11 years.

Charlotte, our second dog, seems like she is all nose and ears.  She can smell fish, meat, and string cheese even in a dead sleep.  She will beg, crazy amounts, for said meats, fish, and many dairy products.  She can get quite annoying begging for yogurt with berries mixed in it.  This dog can jump, too, maybe not as high as K.C., but can still manage to get over our fence.  She has the closing of our screen door timed beautifully and will dart out, on occasion, for a lap or two around the front yards of our neighbors.  She sure is pretty to watch run.  Have you seen a coon hound or grey hound run?  There is such joy in the dog's face as they run.

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