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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


tr.v. dis·cour·aged, dis·cour·ag·ing, dis·cour·ag·es
1. To deprive of confidence, hope, or spirit.
2. To hamper by discouraging; deter.
3. To try to prevent by expressing disapproval or raising objections.
That has been a frequent feeling for me lately.  Feeling discouraged over a number of things!

I've been making bread, at home, since just before Christmas.  The last two batches have been just slightly better than hockey pucks.  My family has been gracious, not saying anything or telling me that it is still better than store bought.  Honestly, I find that hard to believe!  :)  Will be trying again, today and hoping for a better yield!

Discouraged over the progress, in therapy, for our oldest.  Although there are some visible, measurable progress, there are still so many areas that just can not be measured easily.  It's hard to walk this path and not see progress, even the small, baby steps!

At times, in life, it is hard to not take things personally.  Well at least for me!  I've been stepping out in faith and helping to lead a Ladies Bible Study on Sunday mornings.  When some of the regulars miss a week, I wonder if I've done or said something wrong.  Without verbal confirmation, I know this is Satan messing with my head, but it is still hard to work through, manage, and get my heart back on track.
Another area of discouragement for me lately, is this blog.  I have often wondered recently, if I ought to "close shop", so to speak.  I know there isn't a common theme to mine, which makes it hard to follow.  The idea of having one, that is worthy of being followed seems/feels like to much work to me.  And really, aren't there already a bazillion blogs on "Do it yourself" or "home schooling" or "get off the grid/all home made" or "spiritual journey"?  Who wants another one to read and comment on?  I'm not sure if I will actually shut this one down, but I have been seriously considering it, just to take one more thing off my plate.  The only draw back, is that once in a blue moon, I am struck with such a great topic to write about and think it would be wonderful for folks to read (then I get one view and probably from my husband!).

So, even looking at the first definition of discourage ~ to deprive of confidence, hope, or spirit ~ I know where the opposite of these come from.  They come from trusting in the Lord, through the good and the bad!  Many scriptures run through my head and heart, when I finally slow down to listen. 

Psalm 71:4-6
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Rescue me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked,
Out of the [a]grasp of the wrongdoer and ruthless man,
For You are my hope;
O Lord [b]God, You are my confidence from my youth.

[c]By You I have been sustained from my birth;
You are He who took me from my mother’s womb;
My praise is continually [d]of You. 

If you can take a look at Psalm 136 (click on the link to go to Bible Gateway), the theme there is that HIS loving kindness is everlasting.  
Once again, I am reminded to ~ Keep your eyes on Him and His truths and His word for it "is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path." (Psalm 119:105). 

All this to say, God will comfort you and me, He does not seek to have us discouraged, but to follow after Him, to lean into Him and not our own understanding (paraphrase of Proverbs 3:5).  Today, I will slow my human thoughts, lean into His instead!


  1. I don't always comment, but I do read! I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged. xoxox

  2. Jennifer, I read! This post was one of my favorite posts of yours, by the way. I love reading about your life. And I don't think you should feel discouraged. Your blog is about your life. You don't write for others, you write for you, and if others want to read what you write, great. If not...does it matter? I don't think so. That's something I had to learn. I don't write for an audience. I write for me, and for my family. And if anyone else wants to read, they are welcome to. I think you should keep your blog. It's an amazing record of your family and your lives. Keep writing! And a question, I've read in several of your posts about therapy for Thing One. Do you mind me asking what kind of therapy he's in?

    1. In the 2011/2012, he had academic tutoring, physical therapy for hypotonia (muscles are super weak and actually showed up in blood work), O/T for dysgraphia, executive function issues, and speech therapy at the public school. This year, 2012/2013, repeat of O/T and P/T at the same place, we switched Speech Therapy to same as O/T & P/T, dropped academic tutoring as he'd met his goals, and picked up Vision Therapy for convergence issues (eyes don't focus well and jump all over the page). He's also been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD (inattentive we believe).

      We know that some issues will just take time to see progress and some things will need a lot of tough love to work out the kinks. It's just a process in figuring out what is best fit for him and our lives. We juggle that process and our concerns almost monthly.

    2. Wow, I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child as well. My only advice to you, as someone who has been down that road...try everything, I mean, EVERYTHING, before you start medication! Starting medication for ADHD made my symptoms for OCD and panic disorder WAAAAAY worse. And then, I got another medication for that. Then I was diagnosed with this and that and the other...pretty soon, I was on 5 different meds at once, including Lithium and Xanax. It was the worse thing ever. I am completely medication free. Maybe we could get together and talk sometime. There may be some things you could try for him, that worked wonders for me!

    3. I meant to say, I am completely medication free, now...

    4. I am slowly becoming more of a homemade/homegrown type person. Can't quite go organic on everything, but pick the bigger items first (ones with thin skin you are more likely to eat). Even cleaners as the smells REALLY bug me.

      We've tried medication for ADHD, but not sure it really did anything and he didn't like how he felt on it. Ditched that quick.