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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reading, Reading, and Audiobooks

For almost a year now, the boys and I have been working through a lot of classic books.   Most have been audiobooks, some actually read.  Not including "The Hardy Boys" we just finished up our 13th book.  I am currently ripping "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" for our listening pleasure.

I have come to a major realization.  That is, if we want to get through a fair number of the classics, we will need to spend more than just the time in the car, one day a week, to enjoy these books.  It is my hope to start making time, in the morning, listening to a half hour to hour, Monday through Friday.  They can have their time with Legos or thinking puddy while I can clean or knit.

Anyway, here is a link to another list of books a friend posted on Facebook.  There are a few more books I want to add to the boys reading list!

In the mean time, tell me what some of your favorite classics are?  Share this post and have your friends comment!  Would love to see what we might be missing!


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