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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Confussion, 6 Days, & Rocks

How do all these things fit together?  There is some logic to all of this.

Right off the bat, I am a bit confused. Today totally feels like a Friday, not a Thursday. That's okay! I'll take a Friday feel on a Thursday. Even thought we only had 5 days left in school (excluding the current day), but alas, it is six.

In those 6 days (plus the weekend for some things) we will have finished test prep, testing, more baseball, more scouting stuff, regular house stuff, a used curriculum sale, trip or two to the post office, creating summer packets (fun, summer structured stuff), and figured out life through first part of July.

Are you wondering about the rocks now?  Is it intriguing? So many directions I could go with this.  One, I have awesome neighbors that just landscaped their yard.  The let me have some of the "old" rocks that were not integrated into the "new" design.  Sweet!  Sure beats paying for rocks (people really do this?  I do too!!) or traipsing through the woods to find them.  Or the second idea, which is the one I am really meaning, is geared more to the bible.  Joshua 4:4-7 talks about the stacking of stones to remember crossing the Jordan River and the Israelites escaping Egypt.  The stacking of stones, or Inuksuk, have been used in Artic regions as a cultural meaning as well.  They are used for various landmarks and more can be read here.

Stacking stones has been running through my head lately.  Do we take time to remember and document the triumphs we experience?  More than just the birthdays or learning to walk or graduations or learning to drive?  Do we take the time to remember how God provided when we journeyed through something difficult?  Do we journal it to remember?  Do we place stones down so that our ancestors can see the faithfulness of God in our lives?

I am desiring to do more of that.  To take time to recall those things, to be reminded, to be thankful, to be able to easily remember them.  My head knows God is faithful; my heart needs to feel it and my eyes see it through these events.  Time to pray and ask how my stone towers will look and how to pass those memories on to my family and friends!


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  1. Thanks to my husband for being able to help figure out the right words to search the Bible. I have trouble finding some passages because of my word choices.

    Another scripture reference about using stones as markers of significance is 1 Samuel 7:12, but read around the passage to get the full meaning.