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Friday, April 5, 2013

Wind is blowing

and change is coming!  Which leads me to think of the scene from "Mary Poppins" where they are talking about the wind changing and in flies Mary!  Love that show!

   ~ but I digress (which could lead into another movie "Elmo in Grouchland"!  How many of you have seen that movie?)

Again, back to my point ~ changes.  The Webster's 1828 Dictionary defines changes as follows:

CHANGE, v.t. 1. To cause to turn or pass from one state to another; to alter, or make different; to vary in external form, or in essence; as, to change the color or shape of a thing; to change the countenance; to change the heart or life

 that is is what needs to happen here.  Been feeling that I blog about way to many things and that it is not organized or well laid out!  I'll be taking some time to figure out what it is I want the focus to be here and then begin to format the blog as such.

Off the top of my head though, key elements will be:
  1. homemade things - cooking, baking, and possibly things I create as I enjoy crafting and on occasion building things.  The more I make from scratch (with regards to baking and cookie), the more I find I stay out of the center of the store, for the most part.  There are still "good" things there ~ the single ingredient items ~ but am trying to move toward more homemade.
  2. school - funny that I mention this as I created the blog about 6 years ago to gather data for a math assignment for our oldest
  3. occasional randomness - yes, randomness!  There may be a time something comes up, that doesn't tie into homemade or school that is blog worthy
If you have read this blog for awhile or stumbled upon it, what have been your favorite type posts?  Do you use the tags, along the right side, to find something you want to read about?  Have you search something and come across this blog?


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