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Monday, April 8, 2013

First rounds of changes

on my blog have been to some of the various pages.  I've spent the most time on "Home School Thought" trying to express why we've chosen to home school our boys.  I will probably take another look at it, in a few days as it is kind of like writing a paper.  The more you look at it, read it, mistakes just get over looked and your brain automatically fills in the gaps.  Anyway, the choice to home educate is such a personal choice and to put it our there, in black and white, is a bit scary.  Not looking for debates on why one school enviroment is better than another.  Each has it's own merit and short comings.

Other pages I've tweaked is my reading page, the boys reading page, and 1,000 Gifts (I've added more ~ I am grateful for things, I just don't always write it down).  May end up deleting the acronyms page, unless I hear it is helpful, and my bucket list page.

At some point will try to work out a why statement, for this blog, and will work on tweaking all those tags ~ way to many of them.

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