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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Another day has dawned ~ well a few hours ago it did!  8) 

I am trying to be consciously aware of things to be thankful for.  It's been hard; it's been a chore in denying my desire to have more and see the blessings of "what is"!  To be grateful for something that isn't exactly right, to be thankful for the act of service that brought something to you.  To be grateful for the gift giver, to receive with joy.

Continuing to count those blessings:
  • time to read when boys are sleeping
  • cooking breakfast with oldest
  • stolen moments with youngest, while waking him up for the day
Audience participation portion of the blog!  Yes, that would be you reader.  Would you share what you like to do to celebrate thanksgiving?  Recipes you love to make?  Traditions? 

For us, there are many different things:
  • Kevin's parents would have out paper place mates for the grand kids to decorate (really, it was anytime we got together)
  • At my folks, seems like the kitchen table is a battle ground for train dominoes and other games
  • At our house, if we're home, we love to watch "The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade"
  • Reading of Cranberry Thanksgiving by Harry and Wende Devlin (Wonderful book, back in print by Purple House Press, and one of many books rowed in Five in a Row)
Hope you share your traditions and thankfulness.  Thanks for reading!


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