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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Why is it that when the computer is down, you can think of a million things to "do" with it?

I've had various issues with the Mac in resent months and it's during those times, I keep thinking of things I want to get done.  Of course it is with Mac specific software as well.  Or I'll think of a few great things to blog about, but not take notes to blog later.  Lovely, when you want to find a way to write!  (Yes, there is still pen and paper, but I'm going to stick with what a couple college professors said, "Use a computer, learn to save, learn to edit, and then print".  With traditional pen and paper I made a lot more mistakes than I do in this format!)

Such is life around here!

If you actually read this blog and have suggestions on what to write about, please share them in the comment area!  No, I will not write about politics.  My general thought is that each party is getting to nit picky with the other party and the USA has gone to out of wack from what our founding fathers had wanted for the country.

With that said, share what you might want to know about!  I might be able to come up with a descent post about it.  At least my take on it.

 Laughing at myself as I re-read the post. I obviously didn't read, edit, and hit publish as a few word choices were off!  Have changed what I've found so far!  Thankful there are to many critiques out there!  :)


  1. I like reading about your home-schooling adventures! Enjoyed the pics you posted of you and Kevin, too. I love pictures!

    1. Thanks Christen! Will have to ponder how to write about school! There are days that it feels like a rut! Other days there is such triumph, it's amazing. You see the twinkle in their eyes and you know they are getting something.