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Friday, September 14, 2012

Happiest of Fridays!

Got to sleep in some today, well sort of. Body woke up to early and I realized I was hungry! That is one thing that is hard to ignore, role over and go back to sleep. After a bit of toast, went back and slept till almost 8:00. That felt really good! Not sure what all today holds. There is the usual: school, TKD, the occasional Friday Night Baseball practice, some cleaning. Hope to put some fun into the day as well.

What do you do to add a bit of fun in a day?  Especially when there isn't a large chuck of time to go somewhere.  I've mulling over putting a tent up on the deck (only flat surface in our back yard - the patio isn't fully flat either), pumping up an air mattress to let the boys have some fun out there.

Switching topics, do you blog on blogger?  Do you have the facebook, pinterest, and email buttons near the top of your site?  How did you get them?  Would like to add those too!

Hope you'll leave a comment, do enjoy reading them!

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