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Friday, September 21, 2012

Christmas Stockings & Stuffers

Growing up, did your family have stuffed Christmas Stockings?  Were they small and slightly filled so they didn't rip?  Is this something you've been doing because your spouse had them as a child?

Growing up, Kevin's family didn't!  Mine did and the number over the hearth has grown from 7 (for my parents, siblings, and myself) to over 20 with in-laws, nieces, and nephews.  Ours have always been the same ones and small, but not mini!

Looking back, not a whole lot sticks out in my memory as the most favorite thing in it.  Only a few things jog my memory:
  • a folding pair of scissors from many years ago that I still have
  • a glitter wand key chain from the early 1990s that I STILL use
  • decorative pencils ~ nope don't have those anymore
Sometime, around now, I start mulling over this year and what to use as stuffers.  In the past, the following have been a great space hog for our big stockings or just a great idea:
  • new water bottle
  • box of character band-aids (not so much into "Dora" and the like anymore")
  • pencils (themed, with name, whatever!  Now we have WAY to many pencils)
  • crayons ~ again, even throwing out the broken ones, we have way to many
Things I might consider now; some old favorites some new:
  • duct tape
  • roll of quarters (depending upon how much we've spent elsewhere)
  • Chocolate Orange if we can find it inexpensive.  Last year it was about $6.00 per Orange.  That's to much for this person to pay
  • small Lego set or Mini figure
  • what might also work and hopefully be a hit, put change & a bit of confetti into a balloon and blow it up, just enough to fit stocking snug!
  • done this in past Easter baskets and possibly stockings was to put a healthier juice box in too
  • new tooth brush ~ maybe
  • fuzzy socks ~ maybe
  • candy
  • batteries
  • head phones
 Under the category title of "NOT Going into the Stocking" falls socks and underwear ~ those are necessities, not fun or would like to have category!

As we're trying to purge and pear down what we have within our house, Christmas will be better thought out this year.  From the items we would like to have to the dollar value as well.

What are you filling your stockings with?

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