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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


We are getting hints of fall around here!  The weather the last few days has been incredibly cool!  Almost time to pull on a sweat shirt weather.

Yesterday, a few things happened that helped make Fall feel closer and more real.  First, when we start having cooler nights, the air pressure changes and the tire pressure light comes on in my van (Yee Haw, that happened).  Second, while at therapy with our oldest, went to use my phone, and it was totally dead.  Not enough power to say it was dying (I'd mistakenly left the screen saver thing to permanently on by mistake).  Anyway, went out to the van to charge it for a bit and walked through a few crunch leaves that we'd missed on the way in.  That was kind of nice!  Third, when Thing One and I got home, Kevin said it had gotten "to cold" with whole house fan on so it was shut off.

This morning it was nice to wake up feeling a bit chilled as we'd left our windows open all night.  A pair of socks and our winter comforter would have been nice.  Knowing our area, we are due for an Indian Summer sometime soon, then followed by "the real Fall".

In the mean time, I'm switching back to hot coffee and just need to find a good fall creamer now.  Any suggestions?

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