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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vinegar ~ a natural wonder!

You know the stuff; plan, white, distilled vinegar.  We tend to buy in bulk from Costco, because I'd known it was good as a rinse for laundry to keep soap ding away as well as doing a rinse for wall to wall carpet.  I've used it to clean wood as well and help unclog drains with it's friend baking soda (also a good effect in home made volcanoes)!   Knew it made an effective weed killer as well.

Within the last few weeks, came across MORE homemade cleaning products on Pinterest.  These cleaning products are a combination of vinegar, Blue Dawn (and yes name brand counts here), hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and optional essential oil for scenting. 

So far I have tried the 50% Blue Dawn/50% hot vinegar mixture to clean our shower pan.  It works like a champ, the lingering vinegar smell is not nearly as harsh as bleach, and has worked WAY better than any store bought, pre-mixed cleaner.  I will be trying more of the various combinations I've found to see how those work as well.

Adding Blue Dawn Detergent to my arsenal of cleaning supplies.  Just about time to check my home made cleaning supplies and go shopping, but before I sign off today, I'll leave a few links to home made cleaners.
Happy Cleaning!


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