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Friday, June 8, 2012

HEAV Convention in 3 hours

Think I may have spent more time on the road this year, for the HEAV convention, than I actually did shopping (and no time for speakers!)

First up, given the time I got there, parked, and got my name tag ~ the used curriculum sale.  Fortunately, I brought my wish list from Rainbow Resources and a mental note of new at Math-U-See.  I was finding things, in used and kind of okay condition, for more $$$'s than I could pick up at either place.  Hello?!?!  I can walk down the hall and get it for less.  IF they don't have it, they'll ship it for free.  I did find three hardback books, with dust covers, and spent a whopping $4.72 with tax.  Two, I'd been looking at for awhile to pick up and the third was a FIAR title.  Here's my lovely finds:
 So Kevin didn't even bat an eye lash at me when I said,
"I know we're finished with Volume 1 - 3, but I couldn't pass it up
in really good condition for $1.25".

 No joke, had tried to put it on my Rainbow Resource list
the night before, but they don't carry it.  Amazon had it for over $10.00.
Hello $2.00, you are coming with me!

 Another book I keep checking out and meaning to purchase.
$1.25, no brainer.

Headed over to the vendor hall.  Was a bit confused, this year, my 5th year down, Rainbow Resources and Bread Beckers were not at their usual spot.  These two companies have always been "anchors" either center back or far, right, rear corner as you walk in.  You get your barrings from their locations.  Actually had to look up Rainbow's vendor number to find them.  Anyway, so nice to be able to pull out my wish list and say that this is what I am looking for and can't find.  Was in and out of that section quick.  Not with everything, but free s/h on items not found.  MUS actually didn't bring their stock with them, but offered free s/h.  Well thank you!  I don't need the stuff anytime soon and I now don't have to carry it with me ~ BONUS!!!

Breezed through through the place to find one other booth, grab lunch, and see if I could find an all day parking spot that was inexpensive.  No luck so I headed home.  I so wanted to sit in some of Kathy Kuhl's talks and Bread Beckers, but no luck this year. 

Oh well!  Maybe next year will be better!

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