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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Play a game of Catch-up!!

in the last nine days we've:
  • Thing Two has has played in two play off games and Red Sox's have won both games.  Should they win on Tuesday, they win it all.
  • This past Tuesday, June 4th, Thing One finished up all requirements for Second Class in Boy Scouts and has begun the meetings with the Scout Master and others.
  • Saturday, Thing One tested in Tae Kwon Doe and passed to earn his Advanced Green Belt
  • This week, I've been working on repainting the main level powder room.  We just need to take a bit of time to put things back in.  The walls need a lot of work, so we took the tank of the toilet and the sink out o make the work easier.  Everything that need to be bought, has been, and needs to be installed.
  • There has been a close out bash for Quest Kids (5th and 6th graders) on Friday and "closing remarks" during Sunday school, so they officially move up to 7th grade this next Sunday.
  • Also on Friday, I spent a few hours in Richmond, VA at the HEAV convention.  Picked up a few things for school next year.
  • Tonight, we go to a year end party for Grace Group.  6th graders get recognized (as well as 8th graders and graduating seniors, if there are any),  Thing One has been looking forward to this since last year's party!!!!!!!!  =]
Think that's just about it!  Not a whole lot else blog worth to mention.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

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