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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School is underway . . .

The boys and Charlotte have settled into their favorite spots for when I pull out the books that I read to them.
Thing One seems to enjoy coloring, more than anything else, to keep his hand busy.  Today's art focused on a kids fort with a bunker, no less.  He was proud of his work and asked to take a
photo of it.  

Think it actually took him a couple days to finish it.  He really didn't want to draw or color during non school hours!  LOL funny how any kind of school and kids will avoid a bit of work if they can!

So anyhoot, Thing Two has taken lead from Charlotte and started crawling between the chairs and the wall to get to what he calls his little cave.  Guess he's learning about "man caves" early!  He enjoys this little area and brings all sorts of stuff in there to entertain himself.  The other day it was a deck of cards and he was playing Slap Jack against himself.  I just snickered and rolled my eyes at him.  He was reasonably quiet and listening well enough to answer the questions well.

 A certain somebody trying to be still and have a straight face!

And here is Charlotte's favorite spot, snug up against my legs when I have the Lazy Boy foot rest up.  Doesn't matter if it's stuffy warm or cold in the house she wants to be snug.  I will like this when it starts getting cooler!

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