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Monday, August 8, 2011

School Food

I suppose can be good!  When Thing One was in Public School for K & 1, he loved getting the pizza on Fridays.  There was also the rare occasion, that I'd send him with lunch and he'd still buy lunch anyway.

Anyhoot, last Friday we had a variation of pizza on English Muffins and he even brought it up that public schools had pizza every Friday for lunch and so should we.  That got me asking what they'd want this week for lunch.  So this week, with mostly the kids input the school lunches for the week are:
  • Monday - fruit salad
  • Tuesday - hot dogs
  • Wednesday - peanut butter sandwiches
  • Thursday - grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Friday - pizza
Today, I used the fruit salad to my advantage as I'm trying to add more fruit into what they'll eat whole and from the "tree" or "vine".  In addition to the bananas and apples they had strawberries and pears.  They weren't so sure about it, but I reminded them that you can't base a decision off of one nibble.  It takes several, real sized bites, over several days.  When introducing new foods or for monitoring kind of fun junkie food, I really like using these plates I found at Target awhile back.  They came in two packs for $1.99 and they have three different sized sections.  I can tell the boys that they can have chips but only "this section" full.  It helps with portion control.

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