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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to School!

Wow!  2011/12 school year is upon us.  Tomorrow begins our 4th week of the year!  Things are totally different than I had anticipated when we wrapped up last school year.  We've dropped a couple things to make life a bit easier, but at the same time we're notching up a lot of basics to help the boys "make the grade".  Going basics!

Here's what school looks like for us:
  • Mystery of History Vol 2 by Bright Ideas
  • Big Bag of Science
  • A Child's Geography Vol 1 By Ann Voskamp
  • Literature Unit Studies:  starting in "The Chronicles of Narnia" (everything but the Magicians Nephew which we did last summer), possibly "Farmer Boy" from Little House series, wrap up of a Christmas study we started last year, and FIAR/ByFIAR
  • Nature Studies for both
  • Math-U-See for both, but at different levels
  • Free writing (to get them writing and getting their thoughts on paper, no length required, but just writing from various writing strands)
  • Thing One individual work:  Spelling from Queens Homeschooling Supply, Mad libs, magnetic words, grammar and math games on the Ipod
  • Thing Two individual work:  Language Lessons for the Very Young 1, by Queens Homeschool Supplies and Sequential Spelling Vol 1, grammar and math games on the Ipod
We'll also be adding in Grace Homeschool Co-op in September where they'll be adding in P.E. & Chess for Thing One and Free Play & Science for Thing Two.

Quite a full school year and extra activities aren't even listed!  Where's a yikes smiley when you need it?

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