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Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to Science!

Boys have been excited for a couple weeks or so ~ you see, we bought a "Big Bag of Science".  They love doing the experiments, learning new things in the world of science, love the mess, and are begging for white lab coats {where do I find those?}

Anyway, yesterday we began with the first experiment ~ fizzing colors.  The gist of the experiment was to learn about chemical reactions with baking soda and citric acid when put into water. 

We started with three test tubes filled with room temperature water, added a yellow tablet to one, red to another, and blue to the third and watched them fix up and dissolve.  Not quite as hands on as the boys would have liked, but there will hopefully be some like that later in the year.  Anyway, we ended up with the test tubes looking like this:

The second experiment will be looking through each of these and then looking through combinations of two and of course all three.  They SHOULD already know the colors that the three primary colors make, but this will be a good review, just in case. 

Now off to feed the minions!  Have a happy weekend everyone!

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