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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquack in Virginia

Yesterday, the east coast of America experienced an earthquake.  The epicenter was in Mineral, Virginia which is about 80 miles south (and a bit west) of where we live.  It was an odd experience, in that, I didn't feel anything shake at the time.  I was out taking our dog for a walk when it happened.  Things did rumble and you could see windows bowing.  Folks were coming out of their houses saying, "What was that?" (politeness added).  My boys were out of the house, quickly, wondering the same thing.  Thing Two tried holding it together, but when I got closer to home he was crying. 

Turns out to have been somewhere between a 5.8 to 6.0 quake, depending upon the source.  Fortunately, the only damage I've found is a rake knocked over and a light bulb burned out, both of which could have happened w/o the earthquake.  There have been a few after shocks during the course of the evening, but nothing I've been able to perceive thankfully.

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