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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spelling, grammar, and all things difficult!

Spelling, grammar, and proof reading have been the bane of my time in school, at work, and now as a homeschooling, stay at home, mom. I have struggled with these for years. My brain just seems to correct things so that I don't "see" the mistakes.

It's been in the last couple years that I've really desired to change this deficit. Whether in quiet times, school research, or even blogging, I am finding that I am looking up the meaning of words more and trying to make sure I have the correct spelling. The grammar is coming along, as well. Not sure if I always get the commas in the right places or even the apostrophes.

For those who it is second nature to proofread everything, please be patient. I AM trying! Please don't whip out the red pen and mark up my blogs (unless of course I ask).


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  1. I struggle with this as well:) This year my focus was to simply get my kids to write. I went to a seminar and they said to only pic out one or two things you want your child to specifically watch out for. For example, say you only wanted your son to capitalize proper words and names. So the only thing you would correct would be words that were not properly capitalized.

    I make a mental note when I see my children making the same mistake over and over. My oldest struggles with run on sentences and comma placement. So I am constantly looking at those two things. My younger son is horrible at spelling. So right now I have him focus on that.
    Well, this works for me....hope it helps :)