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Sunday, May 2, 2010

How fitting!!!

Read Zits this morning (you may want to click on it to get it bigger). Jeremy's friend just doesn't like to talk to him when Jeremy hears his mom's voice running through his head. Obviously, the friend wants to talk about things that aren't all that wise, things that should really be left unsaid and left alone.

Fast forward to today's sermon. Pastor Marty was speaking from Proverbs 4 today and focused on wisdom. There were four main points:
  1. Wisdom should be central (vs 1 - 4). It needs to be what we focus on in life so that we can stay away from foolishness.
  2. Wisdom should be courted (vs 5 - 7). She (wisdom) should be pursued, be a consuming thought, so present that everything else seems to stop. Courted like when you are first dating someone and can't seem to see anything else.
  3. Wisdom should be classy (vs 8 - 9). She should be such a part of your life that you are noticed for being different.
  4. Extreme gain of Wisdom (vs 10 - 13, 18). The road of wisdom is the narrow path.
These two seemed to go hand in hand to me. Wisdom needs to be the mom or dad voice, if you are speaking of Solomon, reminding you of what is right, what is true, and what is of God. Be wise that Satan seeks to make you stumble, to entice you into doing the wrong thing, that sin gets easier each time you do it. Be wise!

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