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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Death seems rampant

In just a matter of a few days of each other, we've confirmed the death of to many things at the Brock household. First, it was the short lived frogs we got for the boys. Those lasted less than a week. Next, the oak tree out front was confirmed dead and now we await it being taken down. Yesterday, it was confirmed that the hard drive on my Mac were fried and are waiting for it to be fixed in the next week.

As a result, it has been an expensive week at our house. The small refund, from the frogs, does not offset the cost of the tree removal nor the fixing the Mac, by much.

If there is a bright side, we'll have a lot more firewood and my computer should be as good as new (and that is according to the folks at the Apple Store!!) Frogs are still compost though.

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