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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Removal!!!!

Who knew that several days in a row of 40 + degrees would get those living in Northern Virginia so excited!! The snow is beginning to melt.

The boys and I had a few places to go today. We were totally excited to see a few bob cats moving snow out of the road ways in our neighborhood. We wondered if they'd get to our street at all. Well, upon coming back there were a few on our street; two of which were working at our end of the street, taking the "island" we'd created and dumping it at the end of the pipe stem. Thankfully, they didn't cover the pipe stem ~ we would have been mad. They actually were able to knock down the wall that had been built and dump more down the hill. Following are a few pictures from our living room window.

dumping snow at the bottom of the pipe stem

bringing more snow down

Although not the best photo, the two bob cats
passing by each other!

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