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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Delayed Mad Lib Monday

Yesterday felt a bit "off" for school and just didn't get around to posting our "Mad Lib Monday". By the time I realized I hadn't, it was later than I felt like working on the computer. So without much further adu, here it is:

(words in bold have been filled in)

Major Zarnak of the Intergalactic Space Patrol deactivated his hyper-building overdrive and landed his spaceship on the planet Florida. On leaving the decompression chamber, he saw a 0-armed monster approaching quickly. He shouted, "CROCOGIRAFFE," the galactic word for peace, but the monster whipped out a disintegrator color and tried to silly him. Major Zarnak ducked and slept the monster with his subsonic hicky.

"Surprised!" said the monster, clutching his icky.

"Funny," replied Major Zarnak cleverly and, getting back into his spaceship, he zipped back to his headquarters on the planet Shazam.

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