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Monday, February 15, 2010

No S Diet

Finally getting around to dealing with being over weight! Over about the last 5 years I'd put on way to much. Will be the first to admit that, but just not ready to do anything about it.

Toward the end of this January, I came across the "No S Diet". Are you thinking huh (while scratching your head)? It really is straight forward. The S stands for sweets, snacks, seconds, Saturday, Sunday, and Special days. To follow this diet is simple. There's no counting calories, no taboo foods, no weigh ins, no "lost foods". Monday - Friday you simply eat regular food on a "normal sized" plate (9 - 10 inch plate), don't go back for seconds, skip things that are sweets (to me that's all desserts, cookies, donuts, hot chocolate, chocolate, soda's, etc.), and no snacking (on anything healthy or unhealthy or somewhere in between). S days (Saturday, Sunday, special occasions M-F) allow yourself a treat here and there, possibly a small second serving, or light snack. Keep in mind the more you binge, the harder it will be to loose weight.

What I've found, after two full weeks on this "diet" is:
  • I'm not craving sweets as much
  • I'm eating slower
  • my stomach has shrunk
  • restaurant portions are REALLY huge
  • there will be days of weight lose and some days maybe gain ~ mostly loss though
  • I don't feel deprived of any sort of food ~ healthy or junk
  • I've lost almost 10 pounds in two weeks
  • I'll be able to stick with this diet for the long haul

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