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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Someone has had . . . . .

a great day! Thing Two turned 7 today. Personally, don't remember much about being 7, but it's off to a great start for him. One of his first statements today was something along the lines of "that's a huge present!!" Think he liked his balloon as well, but it was a day where he woke up before me, so I am hearing the comments second hand.

Heres a few photos of the day:

This present is huge!! Can I put it down now?

Cool! It's what I wanted ~ Imaginex Batman Cave!!

A plain cake made in a heart shaped bundt pan,
at Thing Two's request.

Topped with chocolate frosting
and sprinkles. You could hear him
through out the house, as he left the kitchen,
exclaiming "WOO HOO!!! SPRINKLES!!"

Happy Birthday, son!! We love you.

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