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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mad Lib Monday

(our words have been bolded)

When I was a kid, 100 years ago, we used to believe in superstitions, like it’s bad luck to open a Toys R Us in the house; if your eyeball itches, it means target is coming to visit; and you’ll have fun luck if you find a four-leafed Thing One. And we believed that if you spilled yogurt on the table, you had to throw some over your left Thing Two; if your happy toe hurt, it meant rain; and if you broke a mom, you would have seven years of bad dads.

Today, kids have different superstitions, such as it’s bad luck to jump on the railroad tracks just before a cat pulls in and don’t throw frogs at policemen. But, actually, there’s only one superstition I believe in. Whenever I comment on my health, I always remember to knock on a piece of fish.

P.S. Maybe next week I'll get the mad lib typed into blogger before we do it so I can post a bit quicker.

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  1. Don't let Thing One and Thing Two break Mom. I don't want to be a bad dad for 7 years!