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Monday, January 18, 2010

Mad Lib Monday

Another Mad Lib Monday at our house. The boys are loving this and I'm starting to expand on what else we do with it to help them focus on grammar rules. It's been fun.

(the words in bold were filled in)

James Bond, Secret Agent Double-0 Gazillion, was in a tight spot. He was trapped in the one jungle of Mt. Rushmore and the tall persons were closing in. He glanced at his companion, Mom. The expression on her face was full of eyeball. He remembered all of their three times together. He was about to run from the Thing One when he felt a cold printer in the small of his Thing Two.

“Put up your printers!” his companion said. “I too am a spy. My real name is Olga Babushka.”

Shazaam!” exclaimed Bond. “This will cost me my Christmas Bonus.”

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