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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mad Lib Monday

It's turning into Mad Lib Monday's around here and the boys are loving it. Here is today's edition:

(words in bold were filled in)

Last week, I saw a television show that really gave me zebra pimples! It starred Ian as a mad teacher who discovers a way to make bedbugs fourteen feet high! The scientist has a goofy assistant, played by Simon, who gets mad because the scientist keeps hitting him on the head with a t.v. So he lets the bedbugs loose. Right away they start to eat up Florida. The army tries to stop them by spraying them with blood, but that doesn’t bother those one bedbugs. They go right on and eat up Chicago. Then the army drops an atom Simon on them and this kills all of them except one super bedbug who grabs the tall scientist and jumps into a volcano. And then the goofy assistant takes off his disguise and says, “I was only Ahsoka for the F.B.I.,” and he marries the scientist’s beautiful Dad, who is played by Mom, and they live quickly ever after.

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