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Monday, January 4, 2010

First day back . . .

and it was a fun day for the boys. We spent the morning reading "Snowflake Bentley" (actually viewing the video cassette) and then talked about a home education. The boys liked learning that Thomas Edison, Beatrix Potter, and George Washington Carver were schooled at home as well. It wasn't hard to get them back into math this morning as well.

We got to grammar this afternoon. Late morning got side tracked a bit, then lunch, an errand, pine wood derby cars, and finally back to school. Prior to Christmas break, the boys hadn't been to thrilled with the grammar books we have, so we're setting them aside for now and trying a different approach. Today was focused on Mad Lib's. We prepped by reviewing the parts of speech and coming up with examples.

We then moved onto filling in the blanks of the mad lib. Here's the story, as it read:

Page From An
Analyst's Notebook
(words in bold are the ones boys filled in)

This is the case history of Mom, who is suffering from a cap complex. She also has abnormal fears of boys and six schizophrenia. As a child, she had a blue mother who never let her run outside and paid no attention to her rugs. Also, the father refused to let her play Little League boy. When she she was 166 years old, the pet frog ran away on a rainy night, which is why she was walking at the moon during thunderstorms. It's no wonder that today she never leaves the girl and spends all day watching baseball on TV while eating boxes of donkey biscuits. My professional recommendation: Commit mom to a spa for a week's worth of dad baths, facial doctors, and shiatsu teachers with a big, burly family.

Fun day and more to come!

Happy schooling!

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