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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home School Convention

If Christmas is for the kids, does that, possibly, make conventions for parents?

From the sounds of it (reading FIAR Forum and reading various web-sites) anyone weekend in June or July there is a Home School Convention somewhere. The idea of wandering isles of exhibitors, all wanting to sell you the latest and greatest. The first year we went to one, it was so over whelming. Last years HEAV Convention felt overwhelming as well, even with a year of Homeschooling under our belt.

This year, I'm hoping, will be easier. The kids will be with their grandparents and we'll be able to linger more; be able to walk the isles and browse; be able to really look through the used curriculum. It also helps that we know most of what we're looking for, with regards to curriculum, and have used most of it before. We'll be looking for deals on "fun" stuff.

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