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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Back in January, or so, as interest rates (for mortgages) began to drop, hubby and I decided to refinance our house. The rates were low enough to make it worth while and shave a few years off of our 30 year mortgage by switching to a 20 year. Our credit union was overwhelmed with refi's, so they said it would take awhile. Monday we got the call that we could go to settlement this week.

What's cool about all of this, is that we'll be able to pull some money out and have a half bath installed in our basement. We're excited!!

Corner where half bath will be. I was standing at the foot of the basement steps, looking through the door.

View all the way down the utility room. I'll be reorganizing the whole space!
Yikes!!! I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff!

View of washer and dryer; I'm standing in the other doorway. Just inside, on the right, is where the clothes come down the laundry shoot, then heating/cooling stuff, and the water heater. I hope to find an inexpensive screen to hide this stuff, but make it easy to be moved.

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