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Monday, March 2, 2009

Williamsburg and Nature

The first day we were in Colonial Williamsburg we came across this hawk sitting near a squirrel bray. It was neat to watch the hawk and squirrel play "cat and mouse" as the squirrel tried to get to it's nest. In the second photo here, you can see the hawk's back and left wing extended trying to scare the squirrel away. It did finally make it to it's nest.

There was also a fair amount of snow on Monday as well in Williamsburg. Occasionally (possibly only the second time in about 9 years) I like to take a series of photos, focusing on one spot, but getting closer with each shot. Think it creates a neat effect. These three photos were all taken from inside the unit. In the first, you can see the unused patio, it was just to cold and winter like that day to eat outside (by Friday, it was almost 70 degrees and little sign of snow).

Here, no signs of man, just a white lawn where no one has walked and the woods.

The shrub before the forest, covered in snow.

So, this was Williamsburg and our nature shots. Not many, but interesting non-the-less.

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