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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Failed Art Attempt

Life does not always work out as one would hope. That was ALL to apparent yesterday. Thing one and I worked on making cardinal eggs for art. They turned out well (shape, not to many lines or finger prints, etc.). I set up the toaster oven to "cook" them like the directions said. About 10 minutes into the process, Thing Two was clearing his dishes to the kitchen, when I hear "Mom, there's smoke coming out of the toaster oven!!" Good day gone bad in an instant. The eggs and nest were on fire, there was gray smoke coming out of the oven, and it smelled gross. I got things turned off, unplugged, and began opening windows. Finally got some hot pads and walked the toaster oven out to the patio (made of concrete) and dowsed it with water from the house.

We're laking an art project and a toaster oven.

We gained an appreciation for fire safety, not leaving things unattended, a house that could have SO easily burned down, and that cleaning the burned plastic smell out of the cabinets is not such a big thing in life.

Before and after pictures to come (don't think the after eggs have been thrown out yet!).

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