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Monday, March 9, 2009

New Routines

How are you at establishing new routines? Right now, my track record is not so good. On the Five in a Row Boards, there has been a lot of discussion about Work Box System, by Sue Patrick, for organizing homeschool activities for your kids. It seems like a great idea, twelve clear boxes with one activity per box. You can change the order around every day, have independent work or work with mom stuff; the goal is to get your homeschool kid more independent and to be able to "see" home much more work there is to do.

Had hopes of setting up a variation of this for my boys by today, but didn't make it. I'm not going to "beat" myself up over not getting it (any variation) finished, however will work at it this week. I did make some progress though, the post below this one shows my meeting with the boys as to what they want more of in school and what they do like.

Now I'm off to get started with the day! Have an enjoyable one readers.

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