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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tribute to Mason Jars

If confession is good for the soul, I'll admit it, I use Mason Jars for just about everything. This is my tribute to my beloved jar. To my friends at Burke Community Church, I do use them for more than just coffee, although that is a great start to the day.

Taking a tour of our house, you'll find the following uses:
  • base to a lamp (if you look carefully at the one on the left, it has the tag still there saying what kind of jelli was in it)
  • candle - see the below picture (thanks Mike & Paula - Autumn Hill Candle creators)
  • pen/pencil holder once the candle is used up

  • jelly
  • daffodil's growing in them (here's the picture, but you'll need to scroll down a bit)
  • next Christmas, I hope to make Candy Jars for each in our family - I remember my grandparents having their hearth lined with candy jars for each person in our family, one Christmas
  • of, course, my coffee (and today's happens to be a recycled sorghum jar, thanks honey!!)
  • potpourri
  • cork holder

Here are some other ways I've been known to use the various sized Mason Jars:
  • fresh cut flowers
  • actual canned food
  • sugar bowl
  • baking soda (I buy the Costco size, which stays near the washer and dryer and keep a portion in the kitchen)
  • small junk bowl for those things that you don't want to throw away because you might remember where it goes some other day
  • coffee/tea related gadgets - honey sticks, coffee scoop, loose leaf tea strainer, etc.
  • craft supplies - pomp pomps, little plastic eyes, etc
Suppose I really do dream of being in the country if I decorate with Mason Jars, Quilts (and some of those quilts are now lamp shades although not made my me), baskets, wire/wrought iron, wood. My dream house would have a wrap around porch with awesome views of mountains and sunrise/sets. Of course, the vehicle I'd really like is a faded, red pick up truck.

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