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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Are you a color person or black and white type?

Personally, I really need color on the walls to "feel" good in my own home. White (or to light of a beige color) just makes me feel cold and that I am in a hospital or something.

Our living room and dining room are an orange color that looks warm and bright depending if the sun is hitting it or not. A fair number of the photo's I've published on my blog are in the living or dining room. There are some though, of our kids playing Wii in the basement which is a slightly warmer orange than upstairs.

The fireplace room, is a sage color (don't remember the exact color name). Don't know that it would be called warm or cool, but it's another that makes me feel good. A couple of my Wordless Wednesdays photo's are from this room, although you don't get a good view of the color. The first one shows all our different shelves with various school books, crafts, boxes of stuff.

The kitchen, I caved some and have glossy linen on most of the walls, BUT the backsplashs are the same "sage" color as in the fireplace room.

Blue and green dominate the boys room and play room. I actually had fun in their bedroom and painted a portion of the wall with chalk board paint. No we haven't had problems with the chalk being elsewhere. It was painted between two windows and I put trim at the top and bottom. Chalk dust on the floor YESSSSSS, chalk marks on other walls - no.

Speaking of putting things on walls, I did get metal tins on the wall, for the boys to use magnets, use words, and display art work. It went on the stair case wall in the fireplace room, at their height, but as an adult I need to sit down to work with them. Wall space is at a premium here. Darn the luck, still haven't found good cushions for the floor yet. (If you scroll down far enough, on the above link, you'll see a picture of the tin, too).

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