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Monday, February 9, 2009

Miscellaneous Musings/Monday

Over the last, almost two years, I have been knitting. It has become a passion of mine that I delight in and find pleasure in creating something for someone else. It helps me to relax and to focus. Well, around Thanksgiving 2008, I decided I needed to "step up" the kind of knitting I've been working on. Cable stitch often seemed difficult to me, with having to slip stitches off the needle onto something else, knit or purl a few stitches, then put the slipped stitches back on. Quite honestly, it SOUNDS so much harder than it really is. I was amazed at how quickly I picked up this "form" of knitting. The photo, below, shows the cable stitch well.

This scarf had a tendency to fold over on itself because of the stitches and "hide" the cable. To reduce this, I got the scarf damp, hung it over a hanger with the cable facing outward, and pinned it to itself. It still may need to be ironed. Will save that task for tomorrow though.

My attempt at having a triple stuffed Oreo after lunch. Knowing I hadn't blogged about much of anything lately, this seemed like a good start to a miscellaneous Monday.

(next two photos)
Don't quite know how Mr. 6 year old got a photo of just red, but this falls under the random shot worth posting, I suppose. What got the whole miscellaneous photos going, was the other day, the same child, asked to use the camera, because there was a cute squirrel outside. Um, okay, normally I wouldn't think an actual squirrel is cute, but it kept him occupied for a few moments when I had a friend over.

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