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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cowboy Charlie Math

We are wrapping up the final week of Cowboy Charlie and working on Math today. One of the early pages, in the book, shows Charlie day dreaming about the West while he should be doing math. In Jane Lambert's lesson "Math: It's in the Presentation" the question given to the kids is to come up with cowboy math that Charlie would have liked. Here's our take on the lesson.

  1. How many buffalo do you need to pull one driver and 100 hurt horses? One buffalo can pull two horse, so you will need about 50 buffalo.
  2. If Charlie and Pike road the train to Red Rock for 10 days, road the stage coach for 10 days till it went no farther, and finally road their horse to the plains for 10 days, how long did they travel? They traveled for 30 days or one month.
  3. How many dogs will it take to eat one big bone in one day? (Maybe not the best question, but my 6 year old wanted a question from his favorite stuffed dog to Jip)
  4. How many crackers does Charlie have to eat, so that he can use the box to draw on? In a box of Ritz, there are 3 sleeves of crackers. Each sleeve has 36 crackers. Charlie would need to eat 108 crackers to be able use the box.

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