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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year etc.

My first blog post of 2009 is long overdue!! Eleven days to be exact. The first part of those days, Kevin was still off and we did a lot of reorganizing around the house. I had gotten book shelves (yes, bookshelves) for Christmas and was busy rearranging a room around those said shelves. What's odd, is that since I started blogging, I take pictures of just about everything so that I can post them too. I've even started a post, paused so I could take pictures, come back and upload said photo's. This time, nope, no pictures. Maybe if I get back into Wordless Wednesday.

Last week we began school again. It was difficult for all us to get back into the routine of school, bedtimes, library, Scouts, church events, bible studies, winter swim, yada, yada, yada. On top of that, I managed to come down with bronchitis. I've been on a few meds for three days now, feel a bit better, but no where close to 100%. So, blogging in 2009, will be off to a slow start.

More to come, though, in the tales of a homeschooling family. Ours boys will be celebrating their 9th and 6th birthdays in coming days.

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