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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Musings

It's been a bit since I've blogged about very random things. Life's been busy with school, chores, snow, church, birthdays, Legos, Pinewood Derby, on and on it goes. So, here is my life in pictures and musing over the past few days.
It seemed hard to believe this was our third Pine wood Derby. Thing One still enjoys this event even when his car doesn't win. He's got two more years to figure out how to do that and then go to Districts. His car is below, far right, mostly blue with white where someone would sit.
Thing Two seems to have more fun each year too. He actually has a few scout friends now, as a result of swim team this past summer, and a neighbor friend (whose older brother is a Web 2 in our Pack) came along that Saturday. Nothing like two wound up 6 year olds along with a bunch of other boys of varying ages. Thing Two's car, below, is the one being placed on the track. It is suppose to be a Star Wars fighter with R2D2 (the blue thing behind the brown window). No surprise if you know my son.

We finally got snow and more than just a dusting. Here's the view, early in the day, through the front screen door. The boys have been excited by the snow today and it sure has been an interesting one. Have you ever tried to Home School two boys who are totally stoked by the snow? It became more interesting when we noticed about 6 deer running through the woods behind our house. We went to the front window, thinking they might come up the pipe steam, but they stayed in the woods.

I was impressed with the contrast, here, of the daffodils growing in glass mason jars, that I had placed in my potted hydrangea, with the snow accumulating on the deck. To have such Spring flowers growing, albeit indoors, and to have snow falling outdoors. It was interesting to me.

Oh, and I am sure my cat's vet would appreciate the daffodils, hydrangea, and fern (not visible in this photo). All can be toxic to a cat, but Gremlin seems to leave them alone. She's more interested in playing with the legos and math manipulatives the boys leave laying around.


I suppose we're becoming a book family. This small corner of the house is not for Kevin and me, but the boys collection. I worked today on combining the two different stashes of books, made room in a nook for both book cases, going through the books, and general reorganizing of their stuff. Didn't come close to finishing today (definitely a two day project), but got the big thing done - books.

The other reorganizing I did, was actually from yesterday. I spent time rearranging furniture so that all the boys games could be in one spot. It actually turned out better than I had hoped. Yeah!! They even helped with putting the toys back on the shelves and were happy to have a spot to display their new Star Wars Lego ships.

So, it has taken me about an hour and half to do all the uploading of photo's and dialoging for this post. Still haven't figured out an easy way for doing the photos. My way just seems backwards, but it works. Time to save one last time and post.

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