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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Six years ago

today, our second son, Thing Two was born. He's been a great joy to have around, just like his older brother. Through him, I see an intensity for those things that matter, a desire to master things, and still a very tender spirit. It is our desire to help him learn to love God above all things and trust in Him.
So, Thing Two was mentioning all day "I hope I get a green frame white board". Thing One got one in blue last week and Thing Two loved it. He wasn't to happy about the Clone book though. Oh well!!

The plan butter cake, with chocolate frosting was a hit.

I'm finding, over the last couple years, that I keep setting myself up with Thing One's birthday, and manage to forget by Thing Two's, a week later. Two things come to mind. First, last week I wrote a note on the boys bathroom mirror. Totally forgot for Thing Two, but Kevin sent me an e-mail to remind me. Secondly, last week I brought the camera when we went out to dinner and forgot tonight. Oh well!

Thing One wanted his photo taken too!!

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