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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snowflake Bentley

We've been rowing a book called "Snowflake Bentley" this week. It is a biography of William Bentley who became fascinated by snowflakes at an early age. He studied them, drew them, and learned how to photograph individual flakes. The story was a 1999 Caldecott Medal as well.

Yesterday's art assignment that we worked on photography and I let Thing One take a few photo's (before the batteries began to run out). Here is some of his handy work:

Our Christmas tree looks a bit blurry, but thought it was neat how the lights kind of "melt" into the tree.

One of Thing One's current favorite books to check out at the library - Hardy Boys. He's even reading them a loud, very cool.

Thing One got Thing Two and me working on Snowflake Math together. Think it's the first photo with me, in it, actively doing school. :)

The "boys" in the house, seem to enjoy taking self portraits. So, in honor of that tradition, here is one of Thing One.

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  1. We are rowing Snowflake Bentley too. My daughter says to tell you that she likes the book Snowflake Bentley too. She also likes taking pictures, including self-portraits. :)

    I enjoyed the pictures. Very nice!