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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another Merry Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Kevin's family this past Sunday, December 21. The kids (our boys and their cousin) were so excited by the gifts we let them exchange gifts among themselves early. I thought this was really cool picture of Ms. Cousin peering over the big princes coloring sheets. The glow from the sun helped too.

Don't know what caught Thing One and Thing Two's attention, but the picture is priceless.

The boys had been wanting their own "Big Boy Bibles" as they called it for some time now. We had bought them in October as Christmas gifts, but just couldn't wait to give the boys the bibles. They REALLY wanted the Bible; whose going to refuse a request for a bible? So after getting the bible, the promptly asked where the covers where. HELLO - we need to save something for Christmas!?!?
Thing two, figuring out the Hot
Wheel's Wii game, now that he has a steering wheel.

A Star Trek show gone bad. Okay, maybe not. Kevin playing with his new camera tripod.

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