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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

My handsome gentlemen after our Christmas Eve Service at Burke Community Church.  They all looked really nice.

Our living room, Christmas morning, after filling two bags of wrapping paper and tissue paper. 

What the room looked like BEFORE cleaning up.  Lots of stuff everywhere.  The boys were so excited by everything.

One of the crafts I made for the boys.  Homemade Home School T-Shirts.  They thought it so cool that the shirts where in "their color and tye dyed"

Another gift, their big gift, were Wii remote attachments.  The set include a steering wheel, tennis racket, golf club, 
and baseball bat.  Of course, each set had to be a different color.  Can you guess what the colors were?

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  1. I LOVE those homeschool shirts Jennifer! You are so creative!