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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm posting our timeline that I created to use with our Five in a Row Curriculum this year.  We'll be adding story disks to it (a story disk is a small picture to remind the kids about the book) on the year the book was published.  Plan on adding pictures of family members, too, to give it a bigger picture of history.  Other ideas may be included as well.

This is the front cover of our time line, "A Walk Through History"
I had trouble getting a good photo of the individual pages.  I created them in excel, 10 years per page.  There is a gray bar through the center of the page.  The odd years are up and the even years are down - to allow room for story disks and notes.  At the beginning, I included a few blank sheets, labeled with the centuries (1600's, 1700's) as I figured there wasn't a lot to put on it this year and we could just take notes.
I wrote a note to the boys, from Kevin and I, at the end.

Once I had all the pages printed I wanted and laminated the front and back covers, I took it to Staples and had a comb binder put on the edge.

P.S. (added on 8/14/08) just had the thought that almost anything could be added to our time line really, as the boys ask about it.  For example, we live near Mt. Vernon and may be there in Oct. or Nov.; we'll probably add a picture of George and Martha on their birthdays.  Or pictures from other books we read about historical people, inventors, or the like.

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