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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Does this count

as a "staycation"?  On one forum that I read regularly, some have have opted for a staycation instead of going somewhere, meaning they stay home but have a vacation week.  They find cheap things to do around town, maybe go out to dinner once, sleep in, etc.  It's cheaper than traveling, $$ on food, hotel or condo fees, etc.  Read an article in the Washington Post, awhile back, of a woman who paid to have her house cleaned and lawn mowed.  She then took a week, at home, to enjoy the friends, books, and other things in life that can be difficult during a 40 - 50 hour job.  That sounds like fun to me.

Anyway, back to our life right now.  Kevin hurt his ankle this past Saturday (went to the ER, too), doctors today, and now to the orthopedic tomorrow.  We've been vegging on the couch more, working on computer stuff together, reading to the kids more, enjoying the olympics.  In all of this, the boys are having to learn to clean more and we're all learning patience.

In the post below this, Kevin's blog is spelled out and there's a pic of his foot on it.

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