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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What makes your holiday special?

It's that time folks!

Do you know where I am going with that?  Any sort of inkling?  You probably know the season, if you blink it will be our boys birthdays season.  Yes, it will be January! 

We strive to keep Christ in the season, we have devotions, and read our bibles.  We desire an intimate relationship with Him.  We still fail at times though.  Miss the mark.  Get caught up in the moment.

Part of me wants to just say, "Happy HalloThanksMas Eve" and get all the holidays wrapped up in one.

What do you do to keep each moment, each holiday special?  What traditions help keep your focus where it should be?

For starters, will keep Halloween a time of friendship, hanging out with those friends, remembering manors while trick or treating, and creativity in designing your own costume.

We will focus on the holiday at hand, for the most part.  Meaning, I want to be frugal with Christmas spending, so I may shop a bit now, but will still enjoy the holiday that is present.

Will you share what makes your holiday's special?  Any one of them coming up!

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